We now accept Scratchpay!

Scratchpay logoWe recently began accepting scratchpay as a form of payment. Scratchpay is a payment plan option that has a higher approval rate than most competing payment options. They offer financing options that range from $200 - $10,000.

brown dog 400pxHave you heard of Leptospirosis?

Leptospirosis (Lepto for short) is a serious bacterial disease spread by wildlife, and it is zoonotic which means that it can affect both animals and humans.

The number of canine lepto cases has risen dramatically in recent years, and there has been confirmed cases here in Carroll County.

Is your dog very tired? Is your cat eating less than usual? These seemingly minor changes may mean your pet has a flea allergy, an internal parasite infection, or a tick-related disease.

parasite prevention for petsLet's talk about fleas first. The majority of pets don't have fleas – but many have been bitten because fleas are everywhere! Yes, fleas live outdoors but they can live indoors too – even in really clean homes, year-round in any climate. 

Fleas will gladly hitch a ride on your pet into your house. And all it takes is one flea bite (specifically the flea's saliva), to set off a full blown skin allergy. Pets may scratch their sides, neck or even lick their paws until they're red and painful. What pet wants to move around or eat when feeling this miserable?

Internal parasites (such as worms) can infect your pet in a number of ways. Sometimes, it's hard to know if your pet has them. But left untreated, worms can be dangerous to your pet's internal organs. They can even cause your pet to lose blood.

We are excited to now offer digital dental radiographs for dogs and cats, which allow for the highest quality x-ray images, to assess your pet's teeth and oral hygiene. Veterinary Technician Kristy takes a look at at pet's digital dental x-rays.

According to the American Veterinary Dental College, the use of digital x-ray equipment significantly reduces your pet's exposure to increased levels of radiation by one third, making it safer for your pet.

The use of digital x-ray equipment also allows for the enlarging of the image, increasing and decreasing image contrast, and the ability to store, print, and email digital files, making it easier for our staff to share your pet's dental images with you or a referring specialist.

Nexgard Chewables Flea & Tick Product for DogsWestminster Veterinary Hospital is now carrying NexGard Chewables, a beef-flavored flea & tick chewable tablet! Now, with NexGard, dog owners can effectively kill adult fleas, treat and prevent flea infestations and treat and control ticks with the convenience of a soft chew. This product is only available through your veterinarian and by prescription only.

We are excited to offer great rebates on NexGard when combined with the purchase of Heartgard heartworm preventative. No more worrying about greasy residue, bathing, swimming, or your children petting animals after topical applications.

Protect your pet from tick-related diseasesDid you know your pet can have a tick-related disease and you may not even realize it?

Schedule your pet's annual checkup today to be sure your pet is healthy! Is your dog tired or achy after a walk? Is your cat eating less than usual? These seemingly minor changes may indicate your pet has a tick-related disease.